What Sets the Hague WaterMax Apart From Conventional Water Softeners?

If you’ve compared the features of any of the conventional water softeners on the market, you might think that there isn’t much difference from one product to the next. The Hague WaterMax, however, is in a category of its own. It’s also the number one water softener that we recommend to our customers, and today we’re going to talk about some of the features that set the Hague WaterMax apart from the rest!

How does the Hague WaterMax outperform conventional water softeners?

  • High efficiency. The Hague WaterMax is one of the most efficient water softeners on the market. Along with energy-saving features like its low-voltage Systems Control, the WaterMax uses 50% less regenerant and 80% less water than conventional water softeners. Along with helping the environment, these features greatly reduce operational costs.
  • Absolute Brining. Absolute Brining is the exclusive feature of the WaterMax that allows it to use a minimum amount of regenerant. It works by adjusting the salt dosage to match the exact amount that’s needed for each regeneration cycle.
  • Innovative technology. Hague employs the most highly-skilled engineers in the water treatment industry to make the WaterMax the best-performing water softener you can find. Their work has led to 7 U.S. patents on the WaterMax’s innovative technology!
  • Long operating life. With features like corrosion-resistant materials and a single internal moving part, the WaterMax is designed to work great for many years. In fact, it has been tested for over 100,000 cycles without any detectable wear!
  • Stylish look. The WaterMax features a small and compact design that makes it easy to store anywhere, and its stylish look makes it an appliance that you don’t need to keep hidden from view.
  • Filtration capabilities. In addition to softening your water, the Hague WaterMax also filters contaminants from your water using the same unit. That means that your home’s water won’t just be soft, but also clean, healthy and great-tasting!

If you have any questions about the Hague WaterMax, or if you’d like a water treatment serviced or installed in your home, contact EPA Water Consultants. We service and install water treatment systems in Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including towns like Eagleville, East Fallowfield and East Greenville, PA.