EPA Water Consultants is your One-Stop-Shop for all things Water.

We only use the most advanced, versatile equipment on the planet from companies that specialize in their product lines – American-made, family-owned. EPA Water Consultants is proud to carry equipment from these respected Water Quality Treatment manufacturers who are also leaders in the water quality
treatment industry.

Water Treatment Systems

Want better-tasting and cleaner water? Try one of the many different water treatment systems we carry from Hague Quality Water at EPA!

We carry:

  • Reverse Osmosis Systems
  • Whol House Water Systems
  • Water Softeners
  • And More!

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Bottleless Coolers

EPA Water Consultants installs only top quality bottle-less water coolers, providing the convenience of pure clean water without the mess and inconvenience of bottles.

No more running out of water or the high cost of a vendor. All units provide filtration to levels above most bottled water and no plastic
to recycle.

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WaterMax® System

Hague’s customized, patented, whole-house water treatment systems represent over 40 years of engineering expertise.

With a WaterMax® System, you can:

  • Save money on soaps.
  • Buy less detergent.
  • And extend water appliance life!

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Ozone Water Systems

Are you dealing with constant rust stains on your sinks, shower, and laundry? These are common complaints from homes with a private well. Iron and sulfur are naturally occurring substances that dissolve into your water supply and travel throughout your home. Ozone can help remove these issues from your water appliances!

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