How Does Drinking Filtered Water Help With Weight Loss?

One of the most commonly shared pieces of advice that people give about how to lose weight is to drink a lot of water. Although drinking water on its own does not cause weight loss, the side effects of drinking water and choosing water over other beverages can help you lose weight for a number of different reasons. Today we’re going to talk about how drinking water can help you lose weight and why filtering your water at home can maximize your weight loss!

Good hydration helps with weight loss

Water is the best beverage you can drink to stay hydrated. That’s because it doesn’t contain any excess ingredients like sugar or caffeine that can contribute to dehydration. The more water you drink, the better hydrated you’ll be. But what does this have to do with weight loss?

As it turns out, dehydration is linked to weight gain for a few different reasons. For example, when you are dehydrated your brain sends a signal to your body to let it know that it needs water. This signal is often misinterpreted by our stomachs as hunger. As a result, being dehydrated can cause you to eat more food than you normally would. By drinking water and staying hydrated, you will be hungry less often and you won’t have the temptation to eat as much food.

Another problem with dehydration is that it reduces your body’s energy levels. Often times, people consume products like energy drinks, sports drinks and other caffeinated beverages when they are low on energy. Most of these products are high in sugar, which directly causes weight gain. Drinking a lot of water will keep you hydrated and help reduce your consumption of energy drinks, which will lower your sugar intake and help you lose weight.

Choosing water over other beverages helps with weight loss

Energy drinks aren’t the only beverages that cause weight gain. Most juices, sodas, fruit drinks, iced teas and other off-the-shelf beverages that you buy at a grocery or convenience store are very high in sugar. Sugar from store-bought beverages like these is one of the leading causes of weight gain in people.

If you choose to drink water instead of sugary beverages, you’ll greatly reduce your body’s sugar intake, which can result in some serious weight loss.

Filtered water is much easier to drink than unfiltered water

Many people do not enjoy the taste or smell of their homes’ tap water. This makes it much more difficult to choose water as the beverage of choice when there are much more delicious sugary beverages waiting in the refrigerator.

A residential water filtration system will remove all of the strange tastes and smells from your home’s tap water. After installing a water treatment system, your home’s water will be clean and delicious, and it will be much easier to drink a lot of it on a daily basis. If you purchase a reusable water bottle, you can even bring your filtered water on the go with you so that you can avoid buying sugary beverages from vending machines while you’re away from home.

If you have any questions about the connections between clean water and weight loss, or if you’d like a water system serviced or installed in your home, contact EPA Water Consultants, your water softener and water filtration system dealer in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. We provide service all over Eastern Pennsylvania and New Jersey, including towns like Quakertown, Allentown and Newtown, PA.

photo credit: 30551653@N08 via photopin (license)