Leaf litter is the term used to describe the combination of leaves, twigs, and bark that accumulates on the ground in yards and wooded areas. As Autumn settles in, plants, shrubs, and trees begin to shed leaves, substantially increasing volume of this organic matter. The accumulation of leaf litter can have a significant impact on stormwater and subsequently on the quality of well water.

Leaf litter collects not only in yards, but in creeks, ponds, and storm drains, causing stagnation, flooding, and excessive runoff water. While decomposing leaves can act as mulch to add nutrients back into the ground, sometimes heavy rains can wash this debris into nearby water sources before it has a chance to break down. This may lead to the particles getting into your well.

How to Protect Your Water From Leaf Litter Contamination

Perhaps the most obvious way to manage the problem of leaf litter is to clean it up. Rather than blowing or raking leaves into piles at the edge of your yard, bag them up for disposal or mulch them. Make sure the area around your well is free and clear of piled plant and tree waste.

You can also help prevent particles from entering well by ensuring your well cap is properly sealed and free from any cracks or damage. It may be easy to dismiss that time you accidentally hit it with the lawnmower this summer, but keeping the opening of your well intact is an important way to prevent exposing your water to the elements.

The best and most thorough way to protect the quality of your well water with a dependable water filtration system. Beyond the effects of leaf debris, it is just a good idea in general to treat your well water. Since well water comes from the ground, it tends to be more vulnerable to nature’s other contaminants, like the hard water minerals of calcium and magnesium, or iron. Testing your well water is essential to understanding exactly what is in your water and how to treat it.

When it comes to ensuring the best quality water for your home, a WaterMax® Water Treatment System is the dependable and cost effective solution. The patented three-compartment design means it can remove hardness, foul smells, bad tastes, cloudiness and discoloration from your water in a single compact system.

An important feature of the WaterMax is that it can be customized to treat specific water issues. Other WaterMax features include:

  • Built-in bypass for watering your lawn salt free
  • Smart touch customized controller
  • Built-in dirt and sediment filter – saves time and money
  • Power loss protection
  • And more

In addition to cleaner drinking water, you will enjoy benefits like brighter laundry, elimination of stains and soap scum, and even savings on your monthly and yearly budget!

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