What Are the Benefits of a Water Treatment System?

Water being poured into glass

Water is so important to your health and home. From food prep and drinking, to laundry and cleaning, quality water has benefits you can taste, smell, see, and feel.

If you are considering investing in a water treatment solution, consider the quality water benefits you will enjoy with a Hague WaterMax®.

A Water Softener System Solves Hard Water Problems

The elements in hard water cause many problems, including:

  • Dry hair and skin
  • Discolored laundry
  • Stained tubs and sinks
  • Scale build-up in pipes
  • Damaged heating elements in appliances

Your Hague WaterMax includes all of the benefits of a water softener system to reduce the minerals magnesium and calcium that cause hard water by removing them through a process called ion-exchange. The resin inside a water softener works like a magnet to collect the positively charged minerals, leaving you with quality water for your home.

A Water Filter Refines Your Water Even Further

Many homes experience water conditions that go beyond just hard water issues. Whether your water is supplied from the city or you draw from a private well, you may benefit from a whole home water filter. A water filtration system can help improve:

  • High chlorine content
  • Foul tastes
  • Bad smelling water
  • Rust stains on sinks and tubs

With a Hague WaterMax, you get the best of both worlds: a water softener to reduce hardness and the added filtration capabilities to improve the taste and odors of your water. Not all water softeners are created equal; a WaterMax can soften and filter for your entire house all in the same product.

A Water Treatment System Saves You Money

Many people who are considering the purchase of a water treatment system do not realize that in addition to solving water problems, water softeners and filters also provide household cost savings. WaterMax owners report savings in a number of areas:

  • Soaps and cleaning products perform better
  • No more need for purchasing bottled water
  • Plumbing and appliances last longer
  • Better appliance performance and efficiency
  • Less need to buy lotions and conditioners

Ready to learn more about how a WaterMax system can provide the complete water solution to benefit your home? Contact EPA Water Consultants, your Greater Philadelphia area dealer of water filtration and water softening systems. We provide service throughout the Greater Philadelphia area including towns like Media, Montgomeryville and Macungie, PA.

EPA Water Consultants have been working with homeowners, home builders and businesses for years throughout Pennsylvania to solve multiple water-related problems. Each install is completed by an EPA Water employee as if it was our home – no subcontractors! With our 100% water quality guarantee, EPA Water Consultants will provide the best water available to you and your home or business!