Man’s Best Friend Needs Quality Water, Too!

Every living thing on the planet requires water. It is why the water bowls for dogs and cats are always full of this refreshing substance. Water is crucial for the overall well-being of your pet because it constitutes 55-75% of the animal’s bodies. You love your fur babies like family, so let’s take a quick look into how the quality of your water can potentially impact them.

Is Untreated Water Bad for Your Pet?

In most cases, experts say giving your pets hard water probably won’t cause any problems. The minerals in hard water (calcium, magnesium, and iron) shouldn’t lead to any health issues.

Hard water is commonly known for leaving behind water stains, making it hard to lather soap and shampoo, and causing clogs and wear and tear on plumbing pipes and fixtures. While there are studies that show hard water has no negative health benefits, Trupanion (a veterinary medical insurance company) has found a link between hard water and urinary health issues in pets. Dogs (and cats) are prone to developing urinary issues, and Trupanion took notice of a recent increase. After mapping out the country and locating areas of hard water, Trupanion concluded in their study that pets living in areas with extremely hard water were three times more likely to have urinary issues. Additional information to support this hypothesis is that magnesium (which is found in hard water) can contribute to the growth of urine crystals and struvite stones.

Holistic vets, for example, believe pets shouldn’t be consuming chemicals that municipalities add during water treatment process, like chlorine and fluoride. Plus, there’s the potential for other contaminants in the unfiltered tap water as well.

Is Soft Water Good for Cats and Dogs?

If you have a water softener installed in your home, it is removing the hard minerals and replacing them with sodium ions.  Keep in mind that the sodium level being added by a Hague WaterMax is nominal, though; cat food contains a higher level of sodium than soft water does, but it could be enough to be a concern if you have an elderly animal or one with kidney or heart disease.

Reverse Osmosis Water – Your Best Option

You and your family, including the four legged ones, deserve the best quality drinking water possible, and that comes from a Reverse Osmosis System. This will not only remove any potential chemicals and impurities from the water, but also the chlorine, sodium and fluoride  that you do not need to be ingesting, as well as high levels of TDS, or Total Dissolved Solids.

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