Have you been considering purchasing a home water softener? If you have kids going back to school, now just might be a great time to invest in a water softener to help save you money. The Hague WaterMax Comprehensive Water Treatment System could be the solution for you.

The Hague WaterMax is known as a complete water treatment system because it is a water softener and water filter all in one! The benefits of owning this whole-home water treatment system will actually pay for itself over time, and many of those cost savings involve school related expenses.

Improve Showering and Getting Ready

Does your teen take forever in the shower? Have trouble getting them out of the bathroom and to the kitchen for breakfast before school? Softened water from a WaterMax will make getting ready for school and any other occasion much easier. Soft water promotes healthy, moisturized skin, and helps soaps, body washes, and shampoos to lather and rinse better. Many water softener users report not only softer skin, but hair that is more manageable and easier to style.

And since the WaterMax can be customized to filter the water at the same time, you can enjoy bathing in water free from the harsh chemical smell of chlorine for those of you in a city school district. Municipalities add chlorine to the water supply to prevent bacteria growth as it distributed throughout your neighborhood, but that is no longer necessary when you’re ready to use it inside of your home.

Protect Back-to-School Clothes Investment

Whether you are purchasing uniforms or the latest teen couture, you want your school wardrobe investment to last as long as possible. Hard water minerals can build-up on laundry in the wash, causing them to feel stiff and even fade faster over time. A water softener will help you keep expensive back-to-school clothing in great shape while decreasing the amount of detergent required for each load of laundry that you do. In fact, many water softener owners say that they also no longer need to purchase fabric softener. Less detergent and fabric softener means more money in your pocket!

Live in a rural area? If so, you might have more than hard water issues. Iron is a common problem for those living in the country because it will leave rust stains on anything your water touches, including your clothes! Prevent the embarrassment of sending your kids off in outfits that look dingier every time you wash them.

Spend Less Time and Money on Chores

During the school year, most students get involved in activities that keep the entire family busy. What if you could carve out a little extra time in your schedule by reducing the time it takes to do chores? Hard water minerals like calcium and magnesium can build up on showers and sinks which requires extensive cleaning. Treating your home’s hard water will actually reduce the time it takes to clean your kitchen and bathrooms, and also cut back on the number of laundry loads you need to do. Additionally, most WaterMax owners find they use less cleaners and detergents to get the job done thanks to soft water.

Savings Really Add Up with WaterMax

Just how much do WaterMax owners save? The chart below shows monthly and yearly savings a typical household may realize:

Yearly and Monthly Cost Savings with Water Treatment

Figures based upon the average family of 4 with an average water hardness of 10 grains per gallon.

A WaterMax will provide you with serious savings along with great water your family will enjoy for years to come. This fully customizable water treatment system is user-friendly and gets you softened and filtered water from every tap in your home, every time.

Ready to see for yourself how a WaterMax Signature Series will improve your home’s water and save you money? Contact EPA Water Consultants today! We’re your Authorized Hague Dealer in the Greater Philadelphia area including towns like Macungie, Malvern and Morrisville.