WaterMax Compared to Conventional Water Treatment

What to Think About Before Your Water Softener Installation


People look to water softeners for cleaner dishes, softer clothes, longer-lasting appliances, and better tasting water. When it comes to water softener systems, all of your options are not the same. The utility-friendly WaterMax® is adaptable and designed with precision to meet a host of water needs, not just softening. The WaterMax is also built to operate in a smarter, more efficient way to reduce waste. Choosing a WaterMax system assures you’ll get fresh filtered and softened water from every tap in your home, every time.

How does WaterMax compare conventional approaches to water treatment?

All true water softeners use a resin media inside that attracts the hardness minerals of calcium and magnesium to prevent them from building up in your appliances, faucets, and body. The design of conventional water treatment units leads to water channeling or tunneling down the middle of the resin, which results in wasted media. Hard water will follow this path after the resin is too exhausted to attract any more minerals, even though there are pockets of unused media that are ready and able to perform the task. This can lead to hardness making it past the softener and into your home, rendering the system useless until it can regenerate the resin inside making it ready to take on more hardness.

Conventional Water Treatment

Blue = Water, Gold = Regenerated Media, Red = Exhausted Media

Another disadvantage is that these units do not have the flexibility to be fully customized to provide a specific water solution. A typical water softener holds only resin media for hardness removal. This means the conventional approach may require multiple units to achieve the desired result if you are dealing with more than just hardness.

The WaterMax Difference

Engineered with a baffle and multiple distribution screens, the WaterMax distributes the water evenly through the tank to prevent water channeling. The result is complete use of all the media inside between regenerations giving you the performance you expect from the equipment.

WaterMax Water Treatment

Blue = Water, Gold = Regenerated Media, Red = Exhausted Media

Three individual compartments allow the WaterMax to be customized to provide specific water treatment solutions. The bottom chamber holds a fine mesh resin media that is vacuum-packed to provide the same power as a much larger system in a convenient compact size. The middle and upper sections will hold filtration materials specific to your exact water needs. Carbon can be added for chlorine removal for those that have water provided by their municipalities; additional iron or sediment filtration can be used for those on well water that have unwanted particles in their water, and so much more! Why buy a water softener and separate water filtration systems when you can purchase one advanced system that can do it all?

In addition to benefits you can see with your laundry and appliances, the WaterMax delivers the advantage of energy, time, and financial savings.  Features like computerized, fully-customizable controls mean the WaterMax will provide years of worry-free water treatment.


All of these advantages make WaterMax the most efficient water treatment system on the market today. To learn more about how the WaterMax can meet your home’s needs, contact EPA Water Consultants, your Greater Philadelphia area Hague dealer of water softeners and water filtration systems for a free in-home water test to determine the quality of your water! We provide service all over the Eastern Pennsylvania area, including towns like Doylestown, Douglassville and Drexel Hill, PA.


EPA Water Consultants have been working with homeowners, home builders and businesses for years throughout the Greater Philadelphia area to solve multiple water-related problems. Each install is completed by an EPA Water employee as if it was our home – no subcontractors! With our 100% water quality guarantee, EPA Water Consultants will provide the best water available to you and your home or business!