The Perfect Cup of Coffee
For many of us, the start to a productive day begins with that fresh cup of coffee. Seeing as over 97% of that perfect cup is comprised of water, you should start with the best. Let’s see how water filtration can make your morning joe all the better.

Exceptional Flavor

Every mouth-watering cup of coffee starts with the water. It takes great attention to detail to make a perfect cup of coffee. The beans impart those full-bodied, chocolatey notes and fill your kitchen with that irresistible aroma of fresh coffee. The grind of the bean determines how much surface area the water will make contact with during the brew. Coarser grinds are perfect for the slow brew time of a French Press, while a fine grind is perfect for the quick pull of an espresso shot. But every mouth-watering cup of coffee starts with the water.

Every cup of coffee is made up almost entirely of water. The mineral content present in water helps pull out flavor notes during the extraction process. Low levels of calcium carbonate help elevate the subtle flavor notes of the coffee bean, be it mellow and citric or robust and herbal. Balanced, neutral pH levels help ensure the coffee is neither too acidic or too bitter.
However, contaminants and disinfectants in the water can just as quickly destroy a cup of coffee. Chlorine, widely used by municipalities to purify water supplies, has a notorious acrid smell and taste. The chemical aftertaste of chlorine can easily override the flavor profiles of coffee. The harsh “pool water smell” of chlorine can destroy coffee’s delectable smell. Sediment and particulate matter can leave water discolored, ruining that mahogany glow of fresh coffee.

Protect Your Equipment

One of the biggest threats to your coffee brewer and espresso machine is water hardness. Hard water is water with elevated levels of calcium and magnesium, and it wreaks havoc on appliances.
The minerals in the water will cause scale to accumulate inside your equipment, diminishing performance and leading to costly repairs. it can even prematurely destroy the machine altogether. In fact, not having water pre-filtration is enough to void many espresso machine warranties.

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