The ONE™ cartridge filter is like a hybrid between two types of filter.

Like one of those small, under-sink cartridge filters, it has a replaceable filter cartridge. At the same time, it filters at the point of entry like the larger filter tanks that treat all the water in a building.

Closer to the size of a whole-home water filter system, the ONE™ cartridge filter is installed where water enters the home. Unlike other whole-home filters, this system uses replaceable filter cartridges.

Although the filters need to be replaced, it gives owners the freedom to pick the level of filtration their water needs, like carbon block filters, double-pleated paper, and string wound/melt-blown filter cartridges. Ask about our options that are certified for lead and PFOA chemical removal!

The replaceable cartridge filters last a long time and help provide your whole home with quality water.

System Specs:
Dimensions: 8” W x 45” H x 10” D
Warranty: Limited 5 year Warranty

To find the ONE Filter that is right for you, contact EPA Water Consultants today! We are your Greater Philadelphia area Hague dealer providing service in towns like Abington, Allentown and Ardmore, PA.

EPA Water Consultants have been working with homeowners, home builders and businesses for years throughout Pennsylvania to solve multiple water-related problems. Each install is completed by an EPA Water employee as if it was our home – no subcontractors! With our 100% water quality guarantee, EPA Water Consultants will provide the best water available to you and your home or business!