Rid Yourself of Rusty Iron Stains From Your Water

If iron is your water problem, we have a simple solution: our Hague Iron Filter. It is chemical-free and uses nature’s own oxidation process to eliminate iron and sulfur so you can enjoy fresh, clean water.

Are you struggling with constant rust stains in your sink or on your laundry or a foul odor from the faucet? These are common complaints from homes with a private well. Even though your water looks clear, it may be bringing dissolved iron or sulfur into your home. Removing iron and sulfur no longer requires harsh chemicals or complicated equipment. Hague’s Iron Filter uses nature’s own oxidation process to remove the iron, so you can enjoy your water again.

  • Cleaner Plumbing — filtration media traps iron and removes it from your water before it enters your pipes.
  • No More Staining — protects every tap, shower, tub, and appliance from rust stains.
  • Self-Sustaining — no need to replace a filter cartridge; the system refreshes itself.


The built-in computer tracks how much water you use, flows, and have a battery back up.

Slow-release technology regulates the pressurized air as it leaves to tank for a smooth regeneration.

Dissolved iron is oxidized as it enters the tank to form easy to remove particles.

The mineral inside collects the iron particles to protect your entire home.

Contact EPA Water Consultants 

to learn how reduce these iron or sulfur issues and get the high quality water you expect with Hague’s whole house filtration system. With multiple models to choose from, we can make sure to find the solution for your home’s unique water. We are your Greater Philadelphia Hague dealer providing service in towns like MAcungie, Morrisville and Morton, PA.

EPA Water Consultants have been working with homeowners, home builders and businesses for years throughout Pennsylvania to solve multiple water-related problems. Each install is completed by an EPA Water employee as if it was our home – no subcontractors! With our 100% water quality guarantee, EPA Water Consultants will provide the best water available to you and your home or business!